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The mystic one!! - 100%

stormruller, August 16th, 2007

When Axel announced his new CD "Mystica" back in 2006 and stated that it was going to be in the veins of "Oceans Of Time" I was counting day-by-day to the release of "Mystica" to listen to it and to see if Axel was right about this being better than his 1998 release.

What I read is what I got!! "Mystica" is better than "Oceans Of Time" and that's why the title THE MYSTIC ONE, just as the first song starts with Mike's drums so fast that I already turned up the volume of my stereo even more to wake up all my neighbors and just as Johnny enters with his brilliant vocals I was already banging alone in my room, what a tremenduous fast song.

This CD goes straight this way throughout the CD, in order as: "Rock The Nation" with a brilliant sing-along chorus, "Valley Of Sin" kind of ballad in the beginning which gets really mid-tempo throughout, "Living A Lie" just like the third song in this CD amazing chorus and great work in the solo by Axel, "No Chance To Live" an awesome ballad with great lyrics, difficult to judge if this one is ARP's best ballad ever, “Haunted Castle Serenade” another great instrumental song done by the mystical Axel Rudi Pell and "Losing The Game" in his chorus "the jealous" I think for sure is Malmsteen after listening to the CD.

Now the best two songs in this CD are "Mystica" what an atmosphere, I just can't stop listening this song 'till now, one of my favorite epic songs, again very difficult to judge which one is the best ARP epic song. To finish the CD now Axel chose the right song even if he decided to choose with any other song of this CD would be brilliantly finished, but the way "The Curse Of The Damned" is played is what makes me wanna listen to the CD all over again or think why Axel doesn't add more than 10 songs in his CD's, the last minutes of this song is brilliant what a duet by Axel Rudi Pell and Ferdy Doernberg, simply the best, it's mystical, it's the Mystic One!!