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Echoes - 80%

Choronzon, June 6th, 2003

Debuting with “Echoes” Axamenta delivers well structured brutal death metal with melodic riffs and deep guttural vocals. Beyond this veil of extremity a doom influence can also be noticed: additional slower parts, acoustic interludes and cleaner vocal parts. Tracks such as “Justified Massacre”, “Enslaved By Irreality” show the death metal side of Axamenta, while “Dawn Of Darkness” or the title track clearly show that the band could grow out to be the new doom metal revelation from Belgium. The good recording sound helps in estimating the high quality of the tracks. Lyrics are what they are expected to be: grim, dark and overall depressing. The beautiful artwork courtesy of Karolien is another good selling point on top of this impressive package. An excellent start for Axamenta.