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Sickness And Horrific Brilliance - 96%

Skarnek, December 23rd, 2012

Y'know, I've been finding myself flabbergasted for a couple of years at how truly under appreciated these Spanish death metal EXPERTS are. I mean...really. I will go ahead and admit that when it comes to new additions to my long time extreme metal listening habit, they are by far my favorite band in the death metal genre altogether. I cannot find decent deals or selection of their merchandise anywhere online. I meet people and they don't know what the hell I'm talking about upon mentioning these guys. It's weird to me. As for people that DO know about them....

I've seen nothing but "meh" and negative reviews for most of Avulsed's catalog. This indicates that either I have some sort of positive bias stemming from a subconscious, personal compatibility or people are nuts. Let's just assume here that I know what I'm talking about. The problem is that I am reviewing what is most likely one of my (at least) top ten death metal albums, and that quashes me being objective. But I shall go on, despite.

"Gorespattered Suicide" happens to be my personal favorite of these Spanish mucho-murderers. It's got all a metalhead within my age bracket could ask for, plus default sound qualities that just so happen to fit nicely into the needs of today's younger, br00tal (ugh) types. There's laughably gory, tasteless, and demented subject matter (just see the titles on the back to get an idea), memorable yet quality song structures, inhumanly bestial vocals from the aptly-named Dave Rotten, groove (even parts that the kiddies could dub "slams"), speed, and a very fitting, clear, and punchy production that has a very analog appeal securing their old school credibility.

Much like Pungent Stench, Avulsed's lyrics are purposely juvenile in its psychotic, nasty nature. However, the scenarios and level of morbidity contained within this ride darken the laughs and disturb the beholder enough to keep him/her from writing it off as "stupid". This is extremity for extremity's sake. The very classy (!!!), infectious, near-Amorphis-harkening riffs that oddly pop up at random intervals completely freshen, flavor, and altogether set this album apart. For a band that comes off like a typical goregrind band at first glance, this characteristic is invaluable.

I truly can't say enough about this gem of filth. I will just say if you value sickness and horror, great metal, and brutality, then don't think twice. Just get this one.