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Sick Sounds - 70%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, April 9th, 2008

1994 is the first EP year by Avulsed, after a long series of demo tapes and singles. The death metal is now well established worldwide as one of the most brutal genres ever in metal and Avulsed helped that scene to become famous in Europe too. This Carnivoracity EP, obviously shows no changes in their sound, so here we are, ready to be delighted by some good gore death metal.

The production is “clearer” that the one on the demos, of course, but it’s always a death metal one with fuzz sounds and gloom atmosphere. The group, by his side, has improved technically and in the songwriting level, without being that great. Here, what counts is the pure brutality and putrefaction. The screams and the growls are always stinky and the guitars are always so brutal.

The drums sound is now more polish, but always conserving that rottenness that is typical of these groups. Everything sounds so distant and obscure. The doom parts are something perfect for the splatter movies, with plenty of whistles, weird vocals and some keys sounds to make that mix a sort of a pathological thing. Sometimes the vocals are not only rot as hell, but with a sick tonality to become truly scary.

During the 8 minutes of the title track you can hear quite well the sung refrain by the end. “Cradle Of Bones” is faster with lots of up tempo and few gore, doom parts. The final Pentagram cover, shows obviously, more mid paced parts and a less obsessive gore touch. The guitars parts here are more focused of the palm muting that on the single chord shredded parts.

Recommended to anyone who loves early, yummy death/gore. The feast is ready.