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Way Better Than Nachtmystium - 92%

winterheathen, May 21st, 2008

Its not often that a band forms one year then puts out an amazing record the very next year without offering any demos, but thats exactly what Avichi has done. For whatever reason, Aamonael left his former band, Nachtmystium, and created this project, where he performs everything except drums. Possibly it was because he was unhappy with the direction Nachtmystium was going? Anyway, thats not important, what is important is that it didn't take him much time to create six songs full of mystery and hatred.

After the unnecessary intro (which is entitled Entrance To God, though it could be titled Intro), things really get going with Purification within the Eighth Sphere, the best song on the disc. The guitars create an uneasy and evil atmosphere and soon the vocals chime in. Aamonael has stated in an interview that he wasn't that interested in singing until one month before The Divine Tragedy was recorded! That's an astounding fact to me, as his harsh growl is one of the most impressive things about the album.

Many of the songs have the same sound to them, which sometimes gives the impression that your listening to one long track, the exceptions being the two instrumentals, Prayer For Release and Aeonic Disintegration, which are a bit mellower but very repetitive. That isn't the only flaw here, the final song is nothing more than a replica of the intro, but longer, and therefore even more dull. If you exclude those minor annoyances, your left with one hell of an evil, hateful black metal album, way better than anything Nachtmystium has ever done!

As a final note, I hope this isn't the first and last time Avichi unleashes an album. I say this because Aamonael's fine label, Numen Malevolum Barathri, the label on which this was released, has unfortunately and untimely closed its doors. Somebody like Southern Lord would be wise to pick this band up.