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America's finest evil - 100%

Soturnus, February 12th, 2007

This is the third album by Averse Sefira and it is definitively a milestone for black metal in the New World. "Tetragrammatical Astygmata" is, for sure, one of the most powerful black metal albums ever released in the USA.

The album starts with a short intro called "Exordium". Just like in their other albums intros, the soundscape was created with no keyboards (courtesy of the enigmatic The Lady Of The Evening Faces). Your speakers literally explode when the first "real" song begins. And it is appropriately called "Detonation".

At this moment, the first thing which is possible to notice is that the sound production is far dirtier and more aggressive than in the previous albums. However, it is always perfectly possible to understand everything that is happening in all the songs. "Tetragrammatical Astygmata" was recorded at Necromorbus Studio and this made a big difference in relation to the past works. The sound is sharp and massive, being evil and clear at the same time. The vocals are also more aggressive and sound even more satanic than ever.

The songs are complex, being ultra-fast most of time but also having numerous tempo changes. You will never have a rest in here! It is impossible not to get impressed with the work of drummer The Carcass. His sense of extremism is outrageous and his precision is psychotic (more people should take notice of this man's skills behind a drum kit).

The atmosphere which emanates from the songs is impressive. Averse Sefira's ability in creating claustrophobic ambience is supreme and the whole album passes this impression of "chaos under control". Guitar riffs are aggressive and played with anger. Sanguine (the one behind the guitars), in order to generate the forementioned chaos, offers insane dissonant chords all the time, giving the listener the impression he must have more than only 5 fingers on his left hand. But these riffs are as dissonant as they are functional and the transition from the pure sonic onslaught to the more melodic parts is very well done. Bassist Wrath delivers some great work as well, playing creative bass lines which have personality enough to follow ways of their own, not staying in the guitars shade all the time. That's remarkable on tracks like "Detonation" or "Hierophant Disgorging".

By the way, the highlights: well, the entire album is awesome, indeed. However, "Helix In Audience" has some sinister and insane melodies which make this one of the best songs ever by Averse Sefira. Also "Plagabraha" is worthy of mentioning: a shorter but extremely powerful fast track. Other incredible moments are "Hierophant Disgorging", "Cremation Of Ideologies" and "Sonance Inumberate".

Do yourself a favor and buy this wonderful album. Also if you can, attend some Averse Sefira live concert. That's black fucking metal in its purest and strongest form.