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A solid debut - 84%

mak28, December 24th, 2004

I searched for this album long and hard and paid a pretty pennie for it too. Thankfully, it was worth it.

As a big time Rage fan I was excited to hear this album and yet I didn't hold my expectations too high. After all, it was their debut and Rage's "Reign of Fear" was a pretty balls out no frills kick in the pants where if it wasn't done so well it may have sucked. I thought maybe this would turn out to be a crappier "Reign of Fear." To my surprise this turns out to be much more melodic and very well done. Yes, it is simple 80's power/traditional metal but the songwriting is quite good.

The album kicks off with Battlefield and really puts you in the mood for good times. It's a great speedy number with Peavey's vocals belting out the chorus in fine fashion. South Cross Union follows it very nicely with a great NWOBHM style riff and super catchy chorus. "South Cross Union coming straight from Hell!" Yeah! From there the album trucks on with the title track. The main riff is nothing amazing but it's cool and the chorus is catchy and fun with it's cheeseball satanic lyrics. "Give me Evil! Give Me Power! Give me Prayers of Steel!" :lol It also comes with a nice surprise as it busts into a great galloping riff in the middle and ends up really kicking ass. Two more great tracks, Halloween and the upbeat Faster Than Hell, transition nicely into number six, Adoration, which is definitely a highlight as at rips like the best songs of Rage's early years. The chorus kicks ass and you gotta love the pure 80s scream from Peavey after the solo! Great stuff. Rise of The Creature continues with the high standard set so far with another solid chorus but track eight, Sword Made of Steel, turns out to be the only stinker in the bunch. Bloodlust brings us right back to the NWOBHM sound with it's Running Free style bass and drum opening. It's a cool song but it's followed by one of the best Rage/Avenger songs in existence, Assorted by Satan! A great way to close an album, this song is awesome! It's no wonder Peavey would use the main riff and verse melody as inspiration for the future Rage track Firestorm. If you ask me though the track is best left in orginal form as Assorted By Satan is faster and has a superior chorus.

Overall it's a great album and is just about as good as any of the early Rage material, which is saying something. It's definitely better than Execution Gauranteed, which is in similar style, that is for certain. So, it may not be as original as such stellar albums as Perfect Man or Secrets in a Weird World but the great songwriting is still there. Peavy's vocals are actually more controlled here than those early Rage albums too so if that bothered you on those it won't here. Coming along with the Ep Depraved to Black this version comes with two more excellent studio tracks and live versions of Prayers of Steel and Faster Than Hell. Great stuff if you ask me.

Despite all the praise, this still won't be worthy of purchase for most people. It's something for the fans who are willing to part with the cash needed to get a copy because they can be quite expensive. If you can find it for cheap though or are a big Rage fan I'd suggest you pick it up.