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Zzzzzzzz - 44%

UltraBoris, January 10th, 2003

Well, they sure got a lot better than this by the time they became RAGE. This is pretty badly done German classic heavy metal. Imagine a far crappier Grave Digger debut. More abstractly, imagine slowing down a speed metal riff until it becomes a really generic and boring heavy metal riff. That's what this album is filled with.

Highlights... well, the faster songs are pretty decent, and Peavy's vocals are in good form. Some of the songs here could almost cut it on Reign of Fear. "Battlefield" for example is a pretty nice opener. "Southcross Union" is also pretty nice, with some decent verses and great soloing. Nice counterpoint riffage to offset "Battlefield". A classic metal cliche: the first song is the fastest, the second has the most groove. No exception here.

After that, thought, the album degenerates very quickly. The title track is very boring - the chorus is awful, and the riffs pretty boring and lacking in variety and crunch.

"Faster than Hell" is decent, even though it is pretty badly executed. It is speed metal, but very very mediocre speed metal. At least it has solid riffage. The worst on here has to be the hyperboring "Sword Made of Steel". In fact, of the last four songs, I can barely remember anything.

Avoid this one. Rage would get MUCH better than this. Get the Grave Digger debut, or some Iron Fucking Angel.