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Earth shattering anthems of destruction - 98%

ozzeh, January 30th, 2008

Avenger get my vote for producing one of the most consistently crushing and brilliant black/death classics ever. On the same level as Belphegor and Akercocke, Avenger thoroughly dismantle the listeners' expectations as to what is to be expected from a black/death band.

First of all the vocals are straight up black metal with a distinct Norwegian influence. The music however is as diverse as it is technically impressive. The guitars are constantly in motion; there is no verse-chorus-verse repetition at all... just crushing death metal riffs with a slight hint of melody.

The point and counterpoint guitar riffs are mind-blowing at times, but it is this element of the music which gives Avenger an upper-hand over other hybrid death metal bands. As the previous reviewer stated, the guitar solos are some of the best ever recorded; I'll second that statement: every solo is not only extremely technical but extremely impressive in its' musical scope. The Egyptian influences which pop up occasionally are fucking amazing.

Production-wise "Fall of Devotion, Wrath and Blasphemy" is what you'd expect from a 1999 release. Every nuance of the music can be heard clearly and the mix is perfect. This release features some of the best production I've ever heard... it gives the album an extra dimension of re-playability.

Oh yeah, this motherfucker is straight evil and blasphemous too. You don't have to understand the vocalist to get the overall mood of every song. Rhythmically advanced and conceptually cohesive, this LP sets the bar for black/death metal (a truly kick ass genre when done right).