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Warm and Organic, Yet Dark and Brutal - 98%

anathematized_one, January 28th, 2008

I love the intro to this album. It is this long piece, that doesn't build up, it's really sombre, slow, and eerie, and maintains this pace for about two and a half minutes or so. Then, out of nowhere, guitars come crashing in at a moderate pace, with a really catchy riff. Then, again, out of nowhere, it is ripped away by this blistering riff which sets the faster pace that the rest of the song, and album for that matter, follows.

Everything about this album is great. All the riffs are well constructed, well placed, and very memorable. The solos are some of the best I've ever heard. Rather than just being your typical wank-fest, the solos come out of the music, and are a part of it, instead of distracting you from the rest of what's going on. The drumming is intense, and very complex, though you won't notice it if you're only transiently listening. If you actually sit there and take the time to listen to what is being played, it will blow your mind. I absolutely love these ghost snare hits that get thrown into rolls, as well as the dynamics (for those of you who don't know, that's when all the notes aren't played at the same volume level) used, which is something you rarely see in metal drummers. The vocals are just as awesome as the music. There are some effects on them, but they're not over-done and cheesy. I don't even speak Czech and I can tell what he's saying for the most part, which is a good thing.

The production quality on this album is perfect. It's got a warm kind of feel too it, with some slight reverb on the drums and a darker tone. You can hear and tell what is going on quite clearly, but it isn't at all crisp. It is kind of like, instead of all the parts trying to sound cool and catchy, and line up, they're all different, and unique. They fit well together, but they don't exactly follow each other. The best way I can describe it in comparison to most music, it is more organic and less machine-like. Anything done on this album could not possibly work any other way.

I recommend this album to anybody who is just checking this band out for the first time.