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Classic European Metal Rarity - 85%

brocashelm, February 6th, 2009

OH YEAH!!! For years I've searched for this EP from Germany's Avenger, one of the heaviest, meanest bands that nation would ever offer. I love their debut album PRAYERS OF STEEL, but this might be even better. The songs are packed with edgy, spiky guitars, the bass and drums plenty loud and proud, and the whole deal comes across as a truly molten version of the more watered down stuff this band would give us after changing their name to Rage. Like early Running Wild, Avenger played hard as nails German metal with no trace of thrash or death influence, but plenty of Satanic vibes. And at a time when you can donwload many lost European metal albums of this era, only to be disapointed when you get watered down, barely hard rock, you can rest assured that Avenger is the real deal. Even the live track here "Faster Than Hell" is perfectly performed and recorded. Fans of Early Running Wild, Ostrogoth, Oz and Brainfever need this big time. Awesome European metal at it's friggin' finest!