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Stunning... - 100%

TheNecromancer, June 6th, 2009

Avathar have had a large string of excellent quality demos. This demo is no exception. In fact, this one is easilly better than the previous ones. For What Dwells Behind the Mist, the last demo, was a massive success. I certainly hope Forlorn goes along the same track.

Avathar are known as "Epic Black Metal" to their fans, but moreso known as black/folk. But there aren't a lot of folk influences, nor are there any black metal metal influence either. Avathar are very effective at using their synth to make a stunning atmosphere, with the metal trademark heavilly distorted guitars. The band they can be most compared to is Summoning. They use a range of female/clean/black metal vocals (This album uses a different female voice).

What has changed? Well, not a lot. The only major change is the female vocals, which have been changed for a deeper female voice. It really works very well with this album. I wouldn't have done this with any of their other work, but on Forlorn this is a great success.

Forlorn has 3 songs, which is acceptable for a demo. One of these songs is fully in the Finnish language (Kadotettu), where the other two are in complete English. All of these songs take a similar approach, synth heavy and metal heavy and each use a range of vocals.

In Kadotettu, which starts the album off, the first vocals you hear are the female (So the change in the formula is obvious from the start). If you are an Avathar fan, this demo will start impressing you from point one. As soon as the guitars dye in, you will be amazed. The synth is point perfect in this track, and everything goes unbelievably well with eachother. The result, is an amazing song which will leave you wanting more and more.

Both of the other songs are exactly the same. They are both point perfect, musically speaking. Each of the songs are balanced, each have a range of vocals, and each song even compliments the other on the demo.

In all honesty, it's one of the best demos I have ever heard. This is at Summonings high standard, and that is a very difficult standard to reach. My only worry is that Avathar won't be able to top this. But if this doesn't get them the record deal they deserve, then this world has no justice. Absolutely stunning.