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Definitely not from this world. - 90%

HowlingMoon666, March 5th, 2012

This is the first album from the German band Autumnblaze. As they said, it is a mixture of the brutality of black metal and the melancholy of doom metal, and it is a timeless masterpiece. It contains ten tracks, every one better than the other.

The album opens with the ballad "Mo(u)rningdance", where we get acquainted with Eldron's brilliant, clean voice. The entire song is a trip. The next song is, in my opinion, the masterpiece of this album. The song is called "Flamedoves" and shows that Autumnblaze are musical geniuses. It starts with shattering inhuman screams which draw an amazingly dark, yet still sad atmosphere into the entire song. It is a symphony of screams with fantastical emotions expressed in the single way Autumnblaze can.

It follows "Aonenturm", a short song that's very ballad-esque where the acoustic guitar overwhelms the electric one. The riff is magic, taking us to another world (just as all songs on this album do). "Those Evenings We Yearned", the fourth track, shows us the huge creative power that resides in Autumnblaze. A beautiful braid of screamed and clean voices, and acoustic and electric guitar. One of my personal favourites. The lyrics of this album are at the first sight fantasy-related, but with a closer look they prove to be a heavenly reflection of the world. This track is living proof.

"Dreaming Moonspark Fairylands", the fifth track, starts calmly, but the drums and guitars that approach from the background announce the storm that follows. It is a pretty long track, almost eight minutes of pure aphotic inspiration. "Dryadsong" continues the row of ballads. It's an amazing song with an acoustic riff that's very well-constructed. Eldron proves once more that he can do everything with his fucking voice. I don't know what planet this man comes from.

"Her Golden Robe in Silence Veiled" and "Garden of Slumber" are little jewels on this album, full of weeping choirs of the members and contains the same theme as the other songs on the album. With their own particular might, this leaves a bittersweet taste because the album's going to end.

"The Emerald Widower" is the most fulfilled song regarding emotions, written in a soft and tender tempo with a magical, full-of-grievance atmosphere. The last track is called "Heraldic" and is a short masterpiece, proving Autumnblaze are able of many surprises. I recommend this album with all my heart to everyone because it shows how true music is supposed to be.