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Awesome Depressive EP that Needs More Attention - 90%

Slater922, December 6th, 2020
Written based on this version: 2014, Digital, Eisenwald (Bandcamp)

I came across this band while looking at some albums to do for my final set in the review challenge. Autumn's Dawn is an Australian depressive post-black metal band that also has some rock influence. While their debut album got mixed reviews, I haven't heard much about their self-titled EP. I checked it out on Bandcamp, and I was really impressed with what I heard. I'm not the biggest fan of post-black metal music, but this EP felt like an exception due to its more raw style and short, yet poetic lyrics.

One big thing about the EP is the instruments. While the band is known to mix post-black metal and rock, this EP leans a lot more towards the former. The guitar riffs are clear, yet play slow and loud. The drums also beat in slow patterns and build the foundation of the tracks. The bass is decent, but falls a bit flat in some parts. The keyboards are also great, especially the ones near the end of "The Frozen Soil". The synths are in great quality and they emphasize the sad, nihilistic atmosphere of the track. While the instruments aren't perfect, they're still composed well and set the atmosphere of the EP.

Another strength in the EP is the vocals. Tim "Sorrow" Yatras does the vocals on the EP, and they're fantastic. His high shrieks sound outstanding in fitting the mood of the tracks, particularly in "A Reflection in Dust". He carries the song with his depressed, painful shrieks, and shows the listener that he's in pain. However, things got interesting in the second half of "The Death of Hope". There, the song moves towards a more rock-type instrument, and Tim goes for a more melodic singing voice. His voice sounds beautiful, and strengthens the track even further into a more hopeful moment. It's one of my favorite parts of the EP.

The lyrics are also noteworthy. The lyrics are short, and don't offer much, but they are very detailed and poetic. For example look at this verse in the song "The Frozen Soul":

Leaving everything behind
Fading into nothingness
The frozen soil
Will soon know my corpse

This verse talks about the burden of leaving everything behind in a poetic way. And their execution is marvelous with Tim shrieking the lyrics and the instruments bringing in a doleful atmosphere. Another example is this lyric in "The Death of Hope":

No use in hoping
When hope has already died
No use in dreaming
This dream is not alive

This verse paints the feeling of depression and the feeling of hopeless in a descriptive way. Its execution is even stronger with the more powerful vocals in the song. The lyrics in these songs are amazing, and are further executed with the tone of the songs.

Overall, this EP was amazing. The instruments bring in a deep atmosphere of despair, and the vocals flow well with the instruments. The lyrics are also great at painting detailed images of depression. Post-black metal may not sound good when it doesn't work, but when it does work, it can sound amazing. This is an EP I recommend you check out.