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Autopsy Torment - Splattered

Not as raw as Jason Lives - 78%

MorbidAtheist666, June 3rd, 2020
Written based on this version: 1989, Cassette, Independent

This demo is a different from Jason Lives. It is not ultra raw. This was recorded in Onkel’s room. I’m guessing it was his bedroom at the time. The rawness is there, but it’s not ultra raw. The quality is slightly better. This starts off with a sample from a movie, I’m guessing it’s from a movie that took place during medieval times. Thomas Karlsson uses a pitch shifter on here and you can’t understand what he’s vocalizing. He sounds quite inhuman, he sounds like a raging beast. He uses this pitch shifter all the time. It fits well with the sound on here. At times, it’s loud. It’s especially loud on Splattered and Virus of Carcass. On Virus of Carcass, it is too loud at times. I’m not sure why he uses a pitch shifter on here. Maybe to be different and cool?

Onkel is an excellent guitarist, he executes some fantastic riffs on all of the songs. He plays fast and he’s good at playing fast. He really plays fast on From the Past Comes the Zombies. He showcases his ability to play fast on that song. Virus of Carcass has sweet riffs. There’s actually guitar solos. They are short and not that memorable. However, I like the guitar solo found in Injury Corpse.

Unlike Jason Lives, the drums are actually audible. The first thing that you hear in Injury Corpse are the drums It is a drum machine and it’s not that great. It was programmed in not such a great way. It gets annoying and repetitive at times. It’s the same beat over and over on the songs. There’s also no cymbal sounds. The drum programming is mostly fast, but it’s a bit slow on Splattered. Surprisingly, it’s not that repetitive on Splattered! The drum programming is not really special at all. It sounds like they used a cheap drum machine.

Oh and the outro track is pointless as fuck. It only has vocals. I can only understand one thing he says. He mentions the name of his band. Then there’s snoring. What is the point of this? Not necessary at all. A dumb outro track and I don’t think it’s funny.

Karlsson and Onkel put together a demo that isn’t shabby at all. It is slightly better than Jason Lives. It’s not as raw as Jason Lives. I wish they used a better drum machine and programmed the drums better. The pitch shifted vocals surprised me. Karlsson didn’t use pitch shifted vocals on Jason Lives.