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Now you can judge an album by its cover - 20%

Lord_Seth, June 26th, 2013

Overrated, uninspired, generic, and pointless release.

Bringing now almost as many releases than before their breakup, Autopsy (or a more brutal Abscess version) releases one more time a really forgettable album.

Autopsy is easily one of the most brutal and legendary death metal bands ever, but their reunion has seen mainly sub-par music being created; repetitive moments trying to sound totally "Mental Funeral", shitloads of riffs not well-connected between them, and the fast-slow-mega slow-fast-orgy in solos formula in most of the songs, as if they simply cannot conjure the obscure, brutal, and sick atmosphere like in the old times.

Starting from the lame excuse to reform Autopsy and ending in the rain of EPs, DVDs and whatnot, everything seems to point towards a not so good retirement plan/pension for the good ‘ol fellas, hence the need to cash some last bucks from the fans' pockets whilst possible. But that’s not the real “sin” in here, but the fact that such intentions have moved into their sound: it is not dirty and the arrangements range from average to poor. They even replay a couple of tricks right out of that classic album of theirs trying to sound “old” and inspired.

Was it really needed to begin the album with an almost 7 minute track? "Slaughter at Beast House" is not so bad, but it could have been easily shortened to 5 minutes and still sound fine, but to sound sloooow by endlessly repeating some riffs is not really tricking anyone.
"Mangled Far Below" is a track that could fit easily on the latest Abscess albums. The ending for "Coffin Crawlers" is so laughable and amateurish, and as well some really weird leads come from "When Hammer Meets Bone". I mean, it shows that the guys haven't lost technique or their musical skills (to say that would be a blatant lie), but a good album is not just about skills, but inspiration.

It's so funny to know that "Severed Survival" was recorded after just a few practices with Danny Coralles. So obviously he got the talent, but also was inspired enough to come with some really filthy and brutal sound(s) for the album(s). Now all of that is gone.

"Thorns and Ashes" hosts one of the most generic death metal riffs, something worthy of old Dark Tranquillity. "Arch Cadaver" is not a really bad track, but Reifert is not really growling anymore, but screaming like an old pissed drunkard, and most of the "peaking" moments from this album sounds like a mixture between Necrophagia, the latest Ravenous album, and Abscess on steroids. How someone can listen to "Running From the Goathead" and not to think Abscess is beyond my mind.

Not to mention the modern production ruining every good riff/moment of the album. The sound is just like one of the many death metal out there: generic, clean, and over-produced. At least it is somehow better than "Macabre Eternal", that's for sure, but is still quite far from the quality that Autopsy used to put in every one of their releases.

I was not expecting another "Mental Funeral" or anything like that, but an inspired album including some of the old school sickness mixed with new ideas/experience from the band members. Did I mention the UGLY and lame Photoshop artwork?

Definitively a worth to listen album (okay, just a couple of times), but nothing more.

No more good death metal albums such as "The Headless Ritual"? Something no one would ever say.