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"To eternally serve the dark and impure - 93%

Wodanus, July 21st, 2003

I bought this album not so long ago, and before that I hadn´t heard a single song by Autopsy. What met my ears when I first listened to it was quite slow, doomy(still with fast parts in it of course) and uncomplicated death metal, that had serious groove and a "we´re death metal, go to hell!"-attitude. It sure was different from many of the other acts in the genre that I listen to, because they never try to be the fastest, most brutal and technical band in the world. Instead, in Autopsy´s case, it is the feeling that matters. Now I don´t have the time to describe the songs one by one, so I´ll try to describe how the whole record actually sound:

In the slower parts it is either standard doom metal riffs with heavy powerchords that sloooooowly moves the music forward, or Black Sabbath inspired riffs where two guitars play a melody, one light and one dark. In the fast parts then, it is the ordinary tremolo picking, played over powerchords or just a single string.

All those elements are perfectly combined so that it not should get boring, and it never does! This record is a masterpiece of pure death metal. Buy it now!