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Unrestrained and Raw - 100%

Decreptus, December 19th, 2012

In 1991, a sound was beginning to take form. Death Metal was being developed for many previous, and the brutality was being stepped up a notch year after year. Where Autopsy's path took them was different, however. At the time, the general concept was to play faster, louder, and more brutal than any other band. Autopsy simply picked up where Severed Survival left off. Their own special brand of doom inspired death metal hits harder, heavier, and more sludgy than any other band in the time.

Severed Survival, although a classic in its own right, could not compare with the unrestrained (but intelligent) brutality of Mental Funeral. And that is exactly what the fans got: an intelligently patient album with raw overtones. Where Severed Survival lacked was track differentiation; upon first listen each track had many similar qualities to each other. Chris Reifert picked up on this immediately and launched Mental Funeral, where each track is its own brutal story. Each track is a separate entity, and damned good ones at that.

Now the music. Tracks are very different, yet all retain a doom-y nature to them. A song like "Twisted Mass of Burnt Decay" has a quicker punk aspect to them, but still bring much brutality. "Slaughterday", "In the Grip of Winter", and "Dead" are all very reminiscent to Black Sabbath and other doom influences. Other tracks take a combination of the two and bring a more modern death metal attitude to them. The lyrics are all terrifying and disgusting as any good death should be. The thing that drew me to this album was how unrestrained the music is, but also how patient it is. This album is highly recommended to anyone who jams out to Sabbath every now and then.

Favorite track: "Destined to Fester"