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Sick Death/Gore Album - 81%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, March 3rd, 2008

Autopsy are a strange group. They come from the United States but they play, in my opinion, a raw form of Swedish death metal with some death’n’roll tempos and gore influences. With death’n’roll I don’t want to say “last Entombed” because there are a lot of differences. Autopsy play fucking brutal and sick; the tempos change so many times and in a song like “Twisted Mass Of Burnt Decay” we can have up tempo or doomy, rotten mid paced parts.

The production is very essential but also clean. The guitars are more or less like chainsaw but not too extreme, while the growling is the typical one from Sweden.True obscure atmosphere in “Fleshcrawl” is great, while the following “Torn From The Womb” has a strange guitars work, based on simply riffs and odd lead guitar lines.

The grotesque “Slaughter Day” is very good with down tempo and thrashy restarts. The doom heaviness of “Dead” is broken by the beginning up tempo of “Robbing the Graves” that turns from fast to doom style. “Hole In the Head” and “Destined To Fester” are really sick in the guitars parts while the instrumental “Bonesaw” is on total speed.

The snare drum sound is like a can, so raw and good. Every song has some up tempos filled with doomy parts and weird, reek lead riffs. Check the title track if you want a ton morbidity in 37 seconds of arpeggios. One of the sickest death album ever, but not recommended to those who search for speed here.