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Sick, filthy and brilliant. - 82%

SadisticGratification, July 15th, 2012

Let me start this review by saying that when it comes to death metal I am all about the old school. I've always preferred the older and dirtier death metal to the more modern over produced technical guitar masturbation that is called death metal now. Don't get me wrong I like some of the newer stuff and appreciate the talent it takes to write and play in these bands, but its not the same and most of it is not for me. When it came to some of the older bands releasing new albums in recent times, bands like Morbid Angel, Pestilence, Atheist and such, I wasn't very impressed and in the case of Pestilence's two newest albums actually a little repulsed(not the good repulsed I get from listening to Autopsy). So when I heard Autopsy released a new album I wasn't really expecting much. Maybe a slight nod to the past but nothing too special and probably something akin to Shitfun. Well wasn't I pleasantly surprised.

Not only was the album not bad, it was actually very good. Sometimes change is good, sometimes its for the better but not always. In the case of Autopsy I'm glad there wasn't much change. Sure the production values were a bit better than Mental Funeral and Severed Survival but it still retained that signature Autopsy sound, those gory lyrics and ridiculous track titles. I think part of the fun of listening to a band like Autopsy is the lyrics. To read them aloud to a non Autopsy fan you'd get a reaction similar to someone telling their homophobic dad they were homosexual. Horror, disgust, disdain and a disappointment in you for liking such evil things. But to me the lyrics are goofy, dark, humourous and nothing more, it brings a certain sense of fun and ridiculousness to death metal that I think is missing these days. The genre takes itself too serious at times and it takes a band like Autopsy to inject some B-movie horror lyrics and silliness into the equation.

The musicianship on this album is particularly impressive on the eleven minute epic Sadistic Gratification. The typical doom/death Autopsy sound is evident throughout but mixed in is very good guitar solo, excellent intro and one of the most epic outro's in death metal history. The foreboding melodic guitar mixed with the the thoughts of the serial killer and the screams of the woman make for an excellent and frankly disturbing outro. I think its probably the most mature song on the album and maybe in Autopsy's discography. Its blended together in a way that tells a story rather than just another song about gore and murder.

On the other end of the scale the song Dirty Gore Whore is one of the more ridiculous and goofy songs on the album. Its very much an Autopsy song done in a very Autopsy way. With the lyrics "Kill You, Rape You" being repeated over and over only cementing that feeling of "awww good to have Autopsy back". Sure this song won't win them any fans from feminists but if anyone takes this band too seriously they need to get their head checked. The vocals throughout this album change often, low gurgles to screaming. There's an impressive range throughout but might not be appreciated by most fans.

This album is a must have for Autopsy fans, its fun, ridiculous, silly, gory, sludgy, aggressive and raw. Everything you expect from the masters of gore. Reifert and the crew really outdid themselves on this record. They brought back a part of death metal thats been missing for a long time, not only did they revive a band thats been under rated for too long but they brought back a style of death metal thats been on a hiatus for too long. Just because I used words like goofy, silly and fun throughout this review doesn't mean this isn't a heavy brutal riff filled death metal, it is. Its worth your time if you're into the old school sound so go buy it now.