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Autopsy > Horrific Obsession > Reviews > shantanupatni1991
Autopsy - Horrific Obsession

Respectable - 73%

shantanupatni1991, January 31st, 2009

“I can tell you there will never be an Autopsy reunion. Chris feels that nobody gave a fuck about Autopsy when they were together, but right after they disbanded, all he was ever asked about was Autopsy when he was trying to shelve it and get people to check out Abscess. And I agree that Abscess is very underrated. If those guys (Abscess) did their next record and called it an Autopsy release, without changing anything, it would sell shitloads just because of the "classic underground band" stigma attached to Autopsy. That's what I think anyway, some might disagree.”

After hearing this coming out of Danny Coralles in May 2004, I’m quite surprised to actually see them going through it and recording a couple of songs for their faithful fans. One can’t blame him, I myself never made the effort of listening to Abscess. It’s very unfortunate that the band had to break up after the failure of their slight experimentation with hardcore punk in Shitfun.

But anyway, this offering is fairly appraisable. The production is raw, thereby not depriving it of the feel. The riffs are not bad, I wouldn’t say they impressed me, but still they’re okay. The doomy side to their music is still there, as can be seen in the first track Horrific Obsession. After all, they were one of the leading pioneers of the death/doom genre. The song ends with a nicely done solo, and the second song, Feast of the Graveworm, is just as good, featuring solos as well as a doomy section. I unfortunately cannot comment on the lyrics because I think there was some problem about the label not wanting people to look at it illegally or something, so I couldn’t find them anywhere. Overall these two tracks won’t disappoint you at all and are definitely a must for every fan.

And for those who want to see more from Autopsy, Peaceville Records will be releasing a special two-disc edition of Severed Survival in less than a month from now to mark the album’s 20th anniversary. Also featured in the package is a booklet with notes by the band themselves, detailing the history of Autopsy's early years.