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Criminally underrated - 92%

OMG PILLS NOMNOM, June 10th, 2019

This album is criminally underrated. It’s different than the previous 2 albums, but it’s absolutely an excellent effort. The first thing you’ll notice is that it’s got a large number of short tracks. Some people dislike this short song/long track list approach, but I quite like it. Every song is succicnt enough to not wander into meandering territory.

Something must be said about the production. It’s very different from previous albums. It’s spacey like a vaulted ceiling. I have always said that I believe Autopsy puts a lot of thought into their album sound, and this album is no different. It feels a little more surreal and abstract, but it fucking works.

Reiftert’s vocals are as brutal as ever. Deep, gurgly, intense. The solos are a little more wild on this album than they were on previous albums. The drums are crushing, and the whole album start-to-finish is a cogent and sharp listening experience. The guitars definitely have a “wall of sound” feel to them, which is an interesting contrast to the spacey atmosphere of the album, because the guitars almost conjure up a claustrophobic feeling on many tracks.

full disclosure: I find that this is my favorite Autopsy album. It’s very different than Severed Survival and Mental Funeral, but this is not a negative. Reifert’s vocals are much more intense here, and the riffs are all very solid. Something very interesting about this album is that it’s hard to pick out a favorite track, it’s more like you have to take the album as a whole instead of picking out specific tracks.

Overall, this album is fucking killer and it’s an absolute shame it gets pushed off to the wayside relative to earlier releases. It’s my feeling that this is not a sloppy, haphazard affair. They clearly put some work into this album and the proof is in the proverbial pudding.

Highly recommended.