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RidgeDeadite, May 28th, 2012

Taking a small break from lifting weights (AKA touring and whatnot from As I Lay Dying), Tim Lambesis decided to record two brand new tracks for his side-project, Austrian Death Machine, just in time for the holiday season. He also tossed on “Who Told You You Can Eat My Cookies?” to fit the theme of the EP, which is songs based on the movie Jingle All The Way (hence the name).

His first album, Total Brutal, although awesome, sounded too much like AILD. Double Brutal helped branch out of that shadow and Lambesis started developing his own sound. Although this may sound far-fetched, Jingle All The Way branches out even more from the AILD shadow, although he can’t hide every single influence.

Album opener “I’m Not A Pervert” is chock full of impressive guitar work, as it should be, because Ahhnold sez so! It follows a modern metalcore structure (surprised?) but leans toward actual metal instead of the -core elements. A headbanger for sure, the guitar solo is enough for core haters/metal aficionados to take notice and respect.

“It’s Turbo Time” is a straight metalcore song that’s very loud and very energetic. It doesn’t slow down for a second, until Ahhnold comes on “You totally forgot about the guitar solo! Play it, play it now!” and delivers the MOST impressive guitar solo I’ve heard on any ADM song yet.

If this EP was only the two original songs, I would have been happy with that. But for people who haven’t heard ADM yet, tossing on the third track shows how ADM sounds with a bigger AILD influence. Definitely a must buy for the holiday season, and at only $3 for the digital download, it’s a steal. There will be a limited vinyl pressing of 500 copies of the album, and you can click Here to place your order for what’s sure to become a collector’s item in the future (and to get that last present for your grandma).