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BlackDuck, March 22nd, 2013

‘From Forgotten Worlds’ counts as another good release hailing from the very active Vancouver metal scene this year. Not very often do I get the chance to review bands I am quite familiar with, bands I have seen growing, evolving right before my eyes. And I am pleased this album sounds great and I can say good things about it. This is not exactly Auroch's first release but it counts as their first full-length and it comes through the Polish label HellThrasher Productions. It certainly is an album that was well prepared. Ever since I heard the first track they put out before the release date, I knew I was in for some form of sheer sonic violence, and that is pretty much an Auroch staple.

Released just in October 2012, the album includes 8 songs charged with blackened heaviness that will assault your ears with rough sonorities more specific to the 80s or mostly 90’s underground brutal death metal bands. Think of Timeghoul, Depravity, Abhorrence, early Morgoth. A weak attempt to indicate just a direction here but hopefully you’ll get the picture. It sounds maybe classic but not expired, as Auroch polishes and pushes it further, adding well mastered, technical elements that will surely delight.

What will set the mood from the very beginning is the lovecraftian feel (the band is often described as ‘Lovecraftian death metal’), its somberness, and then the pulverizing pace. Guitarists Sebastian Montesi and Paul Ouzounov launch into intense dual riffing passages that sound ruthless. It’s technically intriguing yet not overdone. Crushing, well sustained tempo changes and transitions abound, it might take you a bit to sort out the apparent chaos and find your way through the atonality and the intermittent blasting passages - but believe me it’s hard to let go.

The few dark, atmospheric intros are amazing, and this is where you perceive the lovecraftian mood at its best. Songs like ‘Dregs of Sanity’ and ‘Terra Akeldama’ -probably my favorite track- bring out guitar arpeggios that sound as haunting as the dark song intros. There’s great musicianship on the album. Sebastian Montesi is one unforgiving, maniac vocalist, bursting out evil sounds from deep growls to raspy, possessed shrieks; the vocals don't really stand out they simply contribute to the overall sound more than overpowering everything. It's the guitars, the menacing solos and the hard-hitting drum work that get the spotlight on this album.

Songs to remember: From Forgotten Worlds, Terra Akeldama, Bloodborne Conspiracy

While lately I've delved into more mellow atmospheric metal, this album presents itself as a mean slap I needed to wake up. As terrible as it might sound, it is actually thrilling. If you crave a good dose of brutal death metal I highly recommend you check out this release. Certainly a great effort from a young band that can only get better if current direction is being maintained. I will refrain from making any more comparisons to find an equivalent for their sound, it's death metal, it's brutal, it's original, give it a listen. These guys can shred.

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