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Norway's ugliest band returns victoriously - 85%

vetlerattlehead, April 3rd, 2012

I've only recently started to listen to Aura Noir, but I fell for thrash in 2008 and black in 2011, so this was a welcome addition to my musical vocabulary.

"Out to Die" is a fast-paced, rotten hellbeast of an album. The magnificent cover art and the general take-no-prisoners attitude of the band sets the mood from the get-go. And, of course, this is Aura Noir we're talking about - you kind of know what to expect.

'Trenches' starts with feedback, but quickly goes into tremolo riffs and droning bass. 35 seconds in the first solo of the album starts (I presume that would be Blasphemer :P), and then 50 seconds in the first rotten rasps are heard. Welcome back, fellas!

'Abbadon' is the first (only?) single from the album and starts with tremolo riffs akin to, for instance, 'Power Thrashing Death' by Whiplash. It is a good representation of the album as a whole.

'Priest's Hellish Fiend' stands out. It has an intro taken from Metallica's "Hit the Lights", but that says little about the rest of the track. It seems like they really tried to give everything on this track, in particular. It almost swings back and forth. The occasional solo over the great rhythmic riffs gives the song a very old school feeling.

The only thing I kind of miss from the album is a slower-paced, grooving song. Don't get me wrong, much of the album grooves in primal rhythms, but I miss a song that takes you into a trance, kind of like the intro of "The Rape". It would give this album an extra dimension.