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Perfect album? Pretty much - 99%

ihateyou, November 23rd, 2007

"Destructive and agressive black metal that will take you as close to hell as possible." That line is on a promo item that came with the original pressings of this album and it sums it up nicely. This the crowning achievement of blackend thrash, every other band wishes they could be Aura Noir. It's fast, agressive, technical and garunteed to make you headbang.

There really isn't a bad moment on this album, but it starts perfectly. Sons Of Hades gives you no warning, no intro, nothing but nonstop black/thrash perfection. A funny side note is how Apollyon pronounces "Hades", he says "Hayds" haha. Conqueror follows up nicely, continuing the theme. Caged Wrath starts out with an awsome galloping riff that takes off into a razor sharp verse, but then slows down a bit for the bridge. The next few songs continue this style, changing it up a bit with the bridge.

The title track really shows off a nice dynamic, starting off slow and more quiet. It builds slowly for the first minute of the song then climaxes. The song then slows down gradually until it ends with the same riff it began with, very cool. The Pest is less thrashy than the rest, more blasting black metal.

Here is where the album shifts gears, and just in time. Another blazing thrash attack would start to get boring as pretty much every song before this point was exactly that. The One Who Smile doesn't do that, rather is a mid tempo riff fest that speeds up just at the right times. The slower riffs are just so heavy and create an atmosphere of sorrow. Destructor in kind of an inverse of the One Who Smile, it starts of fast and becomes crushingly mid paced. Fighting For Hell finishes off the album as a mid tempo monster that is just full of great riffs. The vocals on this one are of such urgency and power.

After listening to this I'm beaten by it's mastery of blackend thrash, really there isn't a single misstep on the whole thing. This shows how great second wave black metallers playing third wave thrash can be. It has everything you would want from both genres and nothing you wouldn't want. Get this now! EVERYONE!