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It’s the Black Thrash Attack!!!!!!!!! - 88%

Reaper, October 4th, 2004

From the first song to the last, this album is fucking relentless. It pulls you in, beats you with Black Thrash and throws you out. This is what Black Thrash is all about. Vocal assaults, sick solos, pounding drums are all aspects this album is drenched with. This is almost as amazing as Deströyer 666, which is the closest band it resembles. The only reason this band isn’t as great as the mighty Deströyer 666, is due to the lyrics, which are a bit weak in comparison. The song structures are definitely there, as is the brutality.

The songs are a bit forgettable due to the lack of catchy lyrics. However, what this album lacks in lyrical ability it makes up with sheer brutality and amazing instrumental performance and structure. Songs such as “Wretched Face of Evil” are an onslaught on anything nearby. The only two drawbacks I could point out are the lyrics, which aren’t too memorable, and the vocals, which in some parts lack that extra oomph that would make the album better, or simply don’t fit well with the overall feel of the song. For the most part, this doesn’t bother me, as the instrumentals make up for these minute deficiencies.

The best song is definitely “Black Thrash Attack.” The chorus is insanely catchy and heavy. Over and over you will keep singing, “It’s the Black Thrash Attack.” This is exactly what this album needed, catchy lyrics and memorable choruses a la Deströyer 666. Although I am criticizing this album more than I am praising it, do not be turned off, as this is an astonishing album. It’s definitely at the peak of it’s genre, and discography.

Every single song on this album is an assault in it’s own right. Powerful albums such as these are difficult to come by. Aura Noir, mixed excellent drumming with amazing solos & guitar work with harsh vigorous vocals and put it into one extraordinary album. Do not hinder in obtaining this album, as it’s a great addition to any collection, but most specifically to fans of Thrash, Black and Death Metal.

This is a must get for fans of Deströyer 666 and Black/Thrash Metal. Although it’s not quite up to their level, it’s still some kickass Metal that shouldn’t be passed up on. Get it, or miss out on the relentless Black Thrash Attack!!!!!