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Hard Rock/ Metal - 82%

mistere, August 19th, 2008

Audrey Horne has band members from bands such as Enslaved and Sahg, and that has NO importance whatsoever on this review, as whatever my opinion on those bands, actually, Audrey Horne has nothing to do with any of those bands, it is a separate band.
Starting off with ‘Last Chance for a Serenade’, I was immediately unimpressed with the distortion, but about 30 seconds into the song after the weird intro it comes to life, and shows off quite a good hard rock song, which is annoying because another good song has been ruined for me by weird special effects, which a lot of bands seem to be guilty of these days. ‘Jaws’ though is a damn good rocker start to finish, as is ‘Last Call’, although so far the album has been far more hard rock than metal. ‘Threshold’ changes that. The slow, intro is impressively creepy, no special effects here either. Toschie for one is very impressive on this song, almost if he prefers singing powerful songs to rockier ones. With a good melody and strange lyrics, this has to be the best song on the album. Following straight after, ‘Monster’ is too slow, an average attempt at a possible ballad, although ‘After-glow’ is a good melodic song, adding more metal to proceedings, although ‘In the End’ which also tries to do the same becomes repetitive and has been done before. ‘Pretty Girls makes Graves’ is a pretty unmemorable song, with lyrics straight off a band like Creed or Seether. After this comes another slower song, but unlike monster, ‘Bright Lights’ has a decent slow part to it, but is ruined by the latter half of the song, which has a strange shouty part in it which seems out of place, and the song cannot be saved by any amount of melody afterwards. Although I disagree with the rest of the review by ‘olo’, I do agree that the lyrics on ‘Hell Hath No Fury’ do sound very Green Dayesque, even the bounciness to the Song reminds me of them, as if Green Day down tuned their guitars a bit. ‘I wish you Well’ however is the polar opposite, starting off with another strange ‘spoken’ intro, before moving into more heavy pastures, although the lyrics are not brilliant, the song is good and the chorus is probably one of the most catchy on the album. Damn is it good. The album ends with ‘So Long Euphoria’, beginning with a doomy intro, although it seems a bit cluttered at points, although towards the end it seems to come together more.
‘Le Fol’, while not the greatest album in the world, actually there is enough on this record to make this a very good hard rock album, with enough metal to keep most metal heads happy.