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seventeenth rate thrash - 35%

jordman, January 11th, 2008

These guys' heads are in the right spot, but the lack of ferociousness, riffs and killer tone really ruins this. Parts of it sounds like that awful Trivium song ("This is a thrash metal song!!"), riffs that are okay but they have no balls at all. The average vocals don't help matters either. Half of it is riffs, then the rest is... dull and boring, really.

Some parts sound good, the blast/thrash sections remind me of Gospel of the Horns, but the riffs just aren't there. That tone and those riffs don't crush my nutsack like they should, and i may be a cunt but i like what i like. I'm all good with slower sections in songs.... Slayer did that perfectly with Lombardo using his ride all day. But the slow parts here.... they are just beckoning for the fast forward button, which is never a good sign. This is thrash, in parts, but its damn boring.

The problem is, they milk the riffs that suck. If you have awesome riff, for sure use it longer or more than once... but the riffs here just don't have that quality. You don't want to hear them again, and this is supposed to be thrash? You just can't but wonder if the gay melodies in some riffs used have come from this US 'metalcore' sound, its annoying as fuck and its popping up everywhere.

My main problem is the (lack of) speed.The good riffs here need a better tone but waaaay more speed. It just doesn't thrash my testes, and this music has GOTTA do that,

I guess this is what you'd call whiffle-thrash? I dunno, but it has no balls whatsoever. If this was a thrash only site, i'd give it a 20.


czral, March 8th, 2005

Though, this is the first full-length of these Norwegian black thrashers, they show that they aren't born a few weeks ago. Professionalism drips from this album, and I'm pretty honoured to review this one, for it is one of the better thrash albums I heard lately. The main thing why I like this album is that it reminds me on the thrashy Death pieces, Audiopain's singer sounds like Chuck Schuldiner in the last two albums (and, yes! This is meant as a compliment). Mostly playing in mid-tempo the songs won't bore me for a moment, so this is such an album I can play three times in a row without annoying me. The emphasis is set to the thrash side of the music, but still in some songs a clear blackened touch is audible. It won't surprise you that it is mostly a Norwegian kind of blackmetal that is woven in their thrash music (on their demo it was still more like 50/50), mainly Mayhem comes to mind when hearing the higher tones in the riffs, bridges and loops in a song like "Living Among Humans". Last but not least, the booklet is one of the most creative I ever saw, you have to fold this out on a very strange way, well done! I've never seen something alike...

It should be clear right now, this is a band to keep an eye on. And to those who are already familiar with their previous outputs can buy this with their eyes closed. People from Benelux who are interested in this album can order it from HDG Distribution via this mail address, others should contact the band for their copy. And for those who sadly missed their previous demo, that one is still available as well, but you'd better hurry: be quick or be dead.