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Contagious Necrothrash uber alles!!! - 98%

unksol, January 26th, 2005

This is the first demo released (in fact in 1999) officially by Audiopain - previously known under the bandname Hae? - and this is 666% earscrushing thrash torpedo! Incredibly strong and uncompromising start for an unknown band from Norway (known mostly with its black metal militant acts and murderous music), which later should enter the leader circle of the real norwegian metal (metal!) underground. The sound is harsh, grim, melting; the riffs follow the great old 80's tradition and remind of bands like Kreator, Destruction, Voivod, which speaks only best for Audiopain - 'inspire yourself by the true ones and become a true one!'. The most remarkable is the vocal performance of Sverre Daehli, whose raspy villain wrath fits perfectly to his devastating guitar necro parts. (There's some similarity with the voice of the deceased Chuch Schuldiner, especially that 'The Sound Of Perceveranse' way of verbal expression.)

'He Who Walks Among You' is a fast, morbid march, right chosen as for an oppening track. 'In The Grey' has more mid-tempo, more heavy and with some death metal touches. 'Servants Of God' and 'Slave' both destroy heads. The last, sixth track (that is the 'trade' mark of Audiopain - always six tracks on a release) is slower, colder, more depth - they will use this way later in their 2004 year release - 'The Traumatizer'. The hidden treasure bomb in this demo is the title track 'Contagious' - a 2:13 min. long fusion jazz instrumental composition, which brings associations to Mayhem's 'Weird/Manheim' piano track and thus gives this demo the same cult status for Audiopain's discography as 'Deathcrush' is for Mayhem. This is real Necrothrash and was only the beginning of the audio pain. Find their later releases and get smashed under the panzerchains of that norwegian metal machine!

Audiopain uber alles! Horns up! Necro till death!