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Crossover Insanity - 95%

HackAndSlash, December 23rd, 2008

I'm amazed that nobody has reviewed this album. Attitude Adjustment's American Paranoia is a paramount Crossover album. It has every element of the genre that harbors greatness. Speedy riffs, spastic drum beats, Hardcore vocals in the right places, and clean/spoken word vocals in others. What gave this album a 95 is the tempo. What didn't give it a 100 is the quality. There are some parts where it's hard to make out what is going on, and personally, I wish I could hear every second of this Crossover gem.

Every track on this album kicks ass. Each track flows right into the next perfectly. As one ends, you can't wait until the next begins. Dead Serious opens with a great riff, and then the vocals come in, with some back-ups. The fury of the vocals perfectly accent the guitar work. This track flows into Dope Fiend; a catchy thrasher that will have you headbanging from start to finish. It has a pretty nice false finish as well. DOPE FIEND! YOU ARE! A FOOL!

My favorite track on the album is Fuck Chuck. It's the cleanest track on the record, and the lyrics are amazing. "Had a few too many haven't ya!" "What's wrong with you!? You drive better drunk, dontcha!?" This track starts off with a killer riff and never lets go. Easily one of the best Crossover tracks in the history of the world. After each verse, that heavy riff comes back in and out. Finally, the track ends with a car wreck sample.

The next track, Gray World picks up right where Fuck Chuck left off. At this point, you've reached the heart of the album. This and the next few tracks will have you jumping off of the fucking walls. Honestly, this is an addicting album.

Hunger and Poverty is another killer track. The vocals are the stand outs here. "Hungry children in this world, who can they turn to? Nobody knows, nobody knows, nobody knows!" Jesus, if only this shit was a bit longer.

Incredible End has a great melody and blending of drum beats and bass. That's right, bass! At 2:28, this one seems to take forever to chug along, but that's not at all a bad thing. The fretwork is killer, and the drums are fucking gut busting. High hat, bass, high hat, bass, BAM BAM BAM. Total fucking destruction. The main riff on this one is also very memorable. However, it's an instrumental.

Overall, this is a masterpiece of Crossover. I'm glad I had the honor of giving Attitude Adjustment's American Paranoia it's first review. Dudes (and chicks), go out and pick this one up...if you can find it.