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U.S. power metal with emphasis on power - 79%

VibrationsOfDoom, September 5th, 2004

Many of you are going "Hey, aren't they from Germany?" Of course, the spelling IS different, but this just goes to prove that there were TONS of talented and promising U.S. metal bands that never went anywhere. This of course was a vinyl only issue and a mini LP at that, thus the grading scale is a little less lenient. Besides, you know many of these rarities are ALWAYS digitized in their entirety for you to hear on

ANYWAY.... Onto the music. You know, when I first hear this singer, it somewhat reminds me of those "popular" metal bands that graced the MTV airwaves. Of course this has so much more class and power, well, for the most part anyway. 'Thunder In The Night' starts off rather anthemic, and is a good damn track. 'Without A Word' follows, and this guy can hit some high notes, though it's not done very often. He's got a raspy edge to his voice which keeps it from sounding whiney or too high pitched, but it's obvious he could have also fronted, say, Winger or some other such band. 'Not Your Man,' despite lyrically treading dangerous "chick infested" waters (IE, the whole 80's metal cliche of women, partying and ballady love songs), has really slow and heavy guitar work and I can dig this quite well. 'Never Apart' was one track that REALLY irked me. It IS the cliched 80's ballady thing. But 'Ride The Dragon' is the true masterpiece of this album. I swear I'm going to see it get radio play on 91.1 WREK in Atlanta next time I go! Soaring vocal work proves that this band's one and only (as far as I know) release could have been MUCH more of a priority for a fledgling record label had they been given a chance. Oh yeah, and 'Attakk!' closes the album off nicely. (The song, not the band or album title). A pretty good piece of power metal that has just a tad of fluff but enough asskicking guitar work and vocal lines that will make ya remember the 80's and sigh...