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A tired band at work - 60%

Xeogred, March 5th, 2007

A lot of US bands seem to be coming back thesedays. Some have actually had some fantastic comebacks, while others should've probably stayed in the dark after all these years. Attacker was once a band that was completely ahead of its time, being one of the very few that could've been labeled as true speed metal back then, often mentioned among the ranks of Agent Steel, and many others. They even had a strong majestic and magical power to their sound that could've marked them as one of the earliest power metal bands as well, with a kick. As legendary as all this sounds, sadly, Attacker has become one of those bands that should've simply stayed in the dark to keep the honor they once had.

To be pretty blunt about it, this sounds like a terrible album a drunk and weak U.D.O could've put out (I actually do enjoy UDO and Udo's vocals, this sounds a bit like them, but just bad). The similarities with the vocalists is where I get this idea. Bob Mitchell is back wrecking havoc with his boring and often annoying vocals. Over the years he's kind of developed a Udo-like voice, but without the power and energy Udo delivers. Mitchell's wails and shrieks can be pretty good at times, but those only come out a few times here and there, the rest of his vocals are just aggravating. I didn't think he was the greatest vocalist back in the 80's with their Battle at Helm's Deep album, but he wasn't nearly this bad. His vocals aged for the worst.

The music itself here is pretty uninspiring. Don't expect any sparkling energy that emitted from the Battle at Helm's Deep and The Second Coming. This entire album is totally straight forward, and just doesn't really seem to go anywhere. None of these songs really stuck out or were too memorable whenever I listen to it entirely. There's some catchy rhythm's here and there that are fun while you listen to them, but nothing you'll be replaying in your head towards the end of the day.

As much as I enjoyed Attacker's first two albums and replay them over and over, I really never get the urge to listen to this one or Soul Taker. The previous album before this one, Soul Taker, I thought was in fact even worse than this one, actually being more boring and uninspiring than this disc. "Your Own World" is probably the highlight of this album, sounding closer to old Attacker than anything else you'll ever hear on this. Attacker continues to play gigs and is still active thesedays, and I'm sure we haven't seen the last of their new releases. Sadly I can't say I'm all that hyped or excited about what the future may hold for them. They should really consider getting a new vocalist, or actually putting some energy into their new material, or just call it quits while the little honor they still hold remains. I guess only time will tell then.