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Now if that were Rick Wakeman ... - 65%

Xeogred, June 27th, 2007

Attack, next to Stormwitch, is the band that basically defined melodic European power metal as we know it today even before Helloween's Keeper albums, except nobody in the world knows about them. While generic European power metal thesedays is such a tame genre (lets use Hammerfall as an example), Attack actually had energy and power behind their material, plus they were pretty innovative especially for their time. They really didn't care what others were playing. This debut however really isn't their best and definitely shows almost too much potential for their own good.

If Rick Wakeman himself wanted to make a supposed metal band, perhaps this album would have been something he would have put out. But, that's not Rick Wakeman on keyboards and they are really the main factor here that brings this album down so much. Its not that keyboards are bad, Attack would pretty much continue on with using them throughout their rest of the career, but the keyboards here are so aged and so ridiculously cheesy its hard to take the majority of this release seriously because of them. It definitely sounds like they're using an extremely cheap/ancient casio keyboard here and they riddle the entire album with rhythm's and solo's from it left and right, so you never really get a break from it. To top it off this sometimes almost sounds more like a hard rock effort than heavy metal, as if Attack just didn't quite have a grip on the sound they wanted to go for.

While I hated how some bands went for a full blown synth based sound, such as Sinner's Dangerous Charm, the difference is that Attack shines with nothing but ambition here. These songs as cheesy as they may be, aren't anything you would have heard on the radio back then. They're just too odd and that just further shows Attack didn't really care what was being played around them. They weren't trying to fit in with any kind of crowd here and this is definitely not something you'd call commercialized.

Honestly this is far from being a terrible album, but because of the incredibly goofy sounding keyboards the majority of this album just isn't very memorable. And it truly falls short compared to their releases after this one, even with their next full length album The Return of Evil. Ricky Van Helden's incredibly odd but vibrant and energetic vocals don't seem fully developed here, and its hard to recognize any of the other members as well. None of the solo's or anything really stand out. Attack is an amazing band and a very underated one, but I don't think I could recommend this one to anyone. The Return of Evil would be a far better introduction into the band, though I'd say their magnum opus is hands down Destinies Of War. So go for those, only check this out if you're familar with the band or want to hear something extremely odd.