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Oh, Great Kings! Unveil your mysteries! - 85%

JJM1, January 13th, 2013

In conjunction with recent tour dates, Atrum Inritus has been offering this new three song demo, titled, ' Where Serpents Dwell.' The packaging is a simple affair of just a CDr in a black envelope with artwork, which has the tracklisting, recording line-up and such on the reverse side. This recording welcomes in new drummer Senex Morte, replacing, Occipitus who played on the debut album, 'Prognatus In Vorago.'

'In the Presence of Kings' initiates with a similarly gloomy, oppressive and atmospheric mood as the debut album, while the song moves through mid-paced to speedier tempos amongst Vindicaré's spectral howls and ethereal keys. Senex Morte makes his presence known quite early on with a drum introduction and throughout the song his rolls and fills make it all the more enthralling as this six plus minute song plays out. 'Fire and Brimstone' has a catchy, though quite dark lead riff to it that tends to remind me of something out of the Watain or Behexen camp, with an almost driving sort of spirit to the song, it eventually calms down for a more chilling part and a spoken dialogue before picking up dramatically and pulverizing for its remaining duration. 'Pestilence' opens in a doomy and absolutely creepy manner before gaining in speed and quickly becoming one of the bands fastest songs to date. The tremolo plucked guitars carry and ever present evil tone and again the drums are absolutely impressive for this final song.

As far as I know this demo is only available at the bands live rituals, but if you were a fan of the debut you'll definitely want to get your hands on this new recording somehow. It shows the band going in a very slightly new direction, but its surely just as ill-lighted, bleak and beastly as the debut.

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