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I Smell Industrial and it Smells Not Bad. - 81%

PseudoGoatKill, December 19th, 2004

One of the things I like about the Metal Archives board is that if you look in the right section you can find oodles and oodles of free demo's and full length CDs. I went on a downloading spree and one of the demo's I downloaded was "Promo 2001" by Atrophia Red Sun.

Before I listened to the demo I took alook at the bands page on here. The band is classified as Death Metal/Progressive Metal. When I put on the album what I was expecting to here was some death metal with a plethora of time changes. Instead what I heard was alot more industrialized. This promo reminds me of a more intense, more brutal Fear Factory.

As I write this I can imagine the disappointment some of you may have about this demo. I can assure you however that this is a death metal album. I do also have to say that this is an industrial death metal album.

The guitar riffs on here are your standard death metal with some time changes. The guitar work however has been distorted to the point where it sounds mechanical in some places. There is alot of power chords and fast picking played by the guitars on this release.

The drums are standard fare: Nothing to get to excited about. If you've heard other more mainstream death metal, and industrial bands then you've heard this. One of the good points about the drumming however are the time changes. Then again if you've ever listened to Rush before then you know what to expect from drumming like this.

The keyboards on this album are what add the industrial overtones to the album. You cannot listen to this album without hearing some sort of weird, industrialized sound affect done by the keyboardist. I do have to admit that at times it can be rather catchy.

The vocals are more industrial than they are death style. You'll be hard pressed to find the vocalist doing any sort of low growling. The vocals are sadly very hollow and mechanical.

The last thing that this demo has going for it is the excellent production values.

I give this an 81/100 due to some minor disappointments.