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Werk 0 - 0%

Felix 1666, October 4th, 2017

Do you want to get familiar with the ultimate crap? Here it is. Atrocity started as a more or less acceptable death metal unit, but they quickly started a remarkable evolution. Eh, what? Oh yes, I did not want to write "evolution", but "deformation". "Werk 80" is a miserable document of a quick-buck-approach. It's an attack against every honest (metal) musician, who tries to design (and to sell) an album that reflects his or her creativity. Atrocity just play well known songs without any individual element. Soulless and mechanized, mind-numbing and without a modicum of spontaneity, they try to get their market share at the expense of the really creative artists. They can do this shit, they also have the right to masturbate the whole day long and they can eat the excrements of their pet animals. But why do they make their painfully primitive, absolutely moronic cover versions public?

Stupid question, the answer is easy. They love money. And they have not understood the spirit of metal. Our beloved music is rebellion against the establishment, maybe not every time and anywhere, but this is its core. Atrocity don't give a fuck. They do not cover metal songs (this would have been no heroic deed as well, but perhaps acceptable), they lick the glossy polished boots of the pop industry. The rebellion is over, here comes the submission. These scapegraces even forgot to give the songs a metallic frame. There is no snot, no irony, no vileness. And it is completely irrelevant in this context whether the original versions of the songs were tolerable or not. (By the way, they weren't.) The crucial fact is that (death) metal bands should not fall in love with the fickle mainstream whose only constant feature is to avoid the filth of the dirty and obscene metal community.

As indicated above, one does not find metalized versions of the harmless originals. The warm vocals seem to be borrowed from an unknown (bad) pop band, keyboards and synthesizers dominate many songs and everything just sucks. Truly everything? What about the production; the albums shines with a clear, transparent and well-defined sound, doesn't it? Oh my God, of course it does. The clean mix is part of the more than dubious concept. Once again, Atrocity obviously did not intend to release metal versions and therefore they did not strive for a typical metal sound. They thought it would be a good idea to release new and different (well, not so different) pop versions. But it wasn't.

Does anybody need profound information concerning the single tracks? They have conventional song patterns and try to impress with catchy and kitschy choruses. I admit that some of them worked in their original pop surrounding. "Shout" scores with a very memorable chorus, "Wild Boys" contents tiny trace elements of a revolution and the non-conform "Der Mussolini" has a good drive. But each and every piece drowns in the sea of insignificance as soon as it is exposed to a metallic environment. Absolutely no track on this caricature of a metal album makes sense. While losing all credibility, Atrocity raped the spirit of metal and, cold comfort, they raped the pop tunes as well (unintentionally). The ridiculous, embarrassing and treacherous artwork summons the latex fetishists to take the bait. No doubt, this domina and her cello make the picture complete: "Werk 80" is the absolute nadir, at least for guys like me who will never, never lend an ear to "Werk 80 II".