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Longing for some fuckin amazing death metal!! - 95%

arrrrrrrach, July 31st, 2004

Okay okay okay okay....many people do not know that this happens to be one of the best death metal albums around. Well they should...and they'd be a lot happier and more grimmed up if they did.
If you have ever heard atrocity then you will recnognise two elements on this album: the vocals and guitars. These are noises that let us know who is playing!..everything else seems to fuck off in another direction on their different releases.
So, with this in mind, I will describe. The album begins with an orchestral intro that blows away pretty much all other orchestral intros, before being complemented and progressed upon by lovely, heavy guitarwork (and drums and bass haha). This intoduction sets the album up, from here on it is very atmospheric, although not usually symphonic, death. agressive and maddened death!
The best thing about Atrocity is their deep rooted madness as a band, and it is this release where the brutallity and mentallity (!!!) blend best. It still manages to sound menacing consistently without becoming comedic.
Absolutely brilliant...full of chugging riffs, thrashy riffs, blasting sections, slow atmospheric sections, rabid vocals, inventive basslines and the best and craziest fuckin solos ever or cry!!
Oh yeah...wait till you hear what they do to Wagners' theme from 'Excalibur' on 'As the sky turns red' and their version of Deaths' demo dayzzz stinker 'Archangel'