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Blut ist Scheisse - 0%

chaossphere, November 12th, 2006

It pains me to think how a band can go from something as awesome as Todessehnsucht to something as shitty as Blut. This album is an excruciating, overlong mess of psuedo-metal mixed with lame hard rock and punkish crap, meandering through endless boring bullshit with nary a trace of inspiration to be found. Somehow these guys managed to craft one of the greatest death metal albums of the early 90s, replete with awesome infusions of classical and doom metal, then fell ass-over-face and seemingly forgot how to play their instruments.

If you need to find out how bad this is, just download the song "Miss Directed" if you can actually find anyone insane enough to have it available in the first place. This pathetic attempt at an S&M anthem features some of the most tone-deaf vocal blurtings since Max Cavalera accidentally sat on the machine-head of his 3-string guitar and wedged it up his asshole while recording Chaos A.D. Except Sepultura had a few half-decent riffs left on that mediocre album, whilst Atrocity seemingly made a painstaking effort to throw away anything vaguely memorable before recording this steaming mountain of wildebeest excrement.

I paid $3 for this CD a long time ago and owned it for 2 days. I forget whether I sold it back to the store for $1 or simply threw it in the trash. It's testament to the awfulness of this album that to this day I can clearly remember the disgust and disappointment I felt while listening to it. At nearly 64 minutes, i'm surprised I didn't kill myself while doing so, but even more surprised I made it to the end. I don't remember the last few tracks though, since I guess by that stage my brain had simply shut down to avoid further trauma. Avoid this album at all costs. If someone attempts to give it away, beat the shit out of them and rape their mother. If this band had any ounce of dignity they'd dedicate the rest of their lives to locating every existing copy of this CD and smashing them all with a hammer, then burning them so no more crimes against humanity can be committed by its extraordinary lameness.