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Atra Vetosus > Voices from the Eternal Night > 2018, CD, Immortal Frost Productions (Limited edition) > Reviews > Edmund Sackbauer
Atra Vetosus - Voices from the Eternal Night

Atra Vetosus - Voices from the Eternal Night - 85%

Edmund Sackbauer, September 7th, 2023
Written based on this version: 2018, CD, Immortal Frost Productions (Limited edition)

I have already written about the most recent and second Atra Vetosus album and as I enjoyed it I assumed their first full length “Voices from the Eternal Night” worth mentioning in a few sentences as well, especially since it looks really interesting. Perhaps the last album of the Australian band, “Apricity”, seems to be a more original work, where the musicians tried to create the foundations of their own style, but “Voices from Eternal Night”, although being slightly more conservative and stripped back, is not inferior in my opinion. In some way you could even argue that this work shows more energetic and authentic approach, but both are definitely worth checking out.

Although on the first output the band sounds like another Scandinavian, pleasantly tormenting black band, it manages to create a portal to a world full of sad, dark landscapes, a land that the listener can immerse himself in, especially on a moonlit night or cloudy sky autumn morning. Sure, maybe the album doesn't reach the greatest achievements of the genre greats, but like classic black albums with a mixture of melody and atmosphere, it invites you into another reality.

Atra Vetosus moves at different speeds, often with explosive outbursts of raging tremolos, but does not try to go to extremes. At the same time, "Voices from the Eternal Night" does not cross the line into commercial superficiality - the dark aura here is suggestive and the sounds, though not without mood, are served with a certain venom. The band's compositions are usually multi-layered constructions, there is room for both metallic noise and atmospheric calm, a perfect example of which is the longest album on the album, “Under the Wings of Darkness”. The band also proves that very simple motifs can be extremely captivating and hold the listener's attention (led by “Skies of Obsidian Rain”, which is one of my favorites).

Acoustics are used as additional element and created very interesting here. They give the album a melancholic charm. So applause for the instrumental miniatures "Into the Dawnless Night" and "Far Beyond..." or the piano at the beginning of "Tortured by the Light of a Thousand Stars". I didn't get the impression that similar interludes were forcibly inserted - quieter fragments are well interwoven with black riffs. One aspect I am not too fonds of might be the vocals which can get a bit exhausting after a while. On the other hand this is often the case when it comes to black metal so not big of a deal for me.

The cover perfectly expresses the atmosphere of the album - gloomy, wistful, in a moonlit, sad aura. It's not for fans of over the top aggressive music, but also not for lovers of sugary and melodic stuff. In most ways “Voices from the Eternal Night” walks the fine line and stays within the middle ground of the genre, with melodic interludes, served directly from Australian Tasmania, although sounding European. The production is also more than solid and as far as I understood the version distributed by Immortal Frost comes with an improved sound. So two thumbs up overall.