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Into the Void Curse - 90%

SweetLeaf95, September 4th, 2019

Atomic Witch are a band fresh off the sheet that make a very extreme style of metal that can’t really be pinned down to one thing. They have thrash, black, and death metal ideas in their work, all with a proggy undertone added. Amazingly, this all fits into one EP of only four songs titled Void Curse. It’s their first release, and it’s easy enough to swallow due to the fact that it’s under ten minutes in length; you just may need to visit it a few times.

The first song “Severed Commandment” is meant to be a more straightforward heavy-hitter as it packs in blackened death riffs and harsh vocals right from the start. The delivery is so abrupt that an intro is omitted, and the song is behind you before you even know it started. “Void Curse” on the other hand is a lot more in-depth and rests on crazy rhythmic patterns between the advanced drumbeats and guitar passages. It also throws in your higher-pitched shrieks that sit well with thrash goers.

“Rude” sees a throwback to the first track, but has a crustier edge to it. That said, it’s also the shortest one and barely leaves any time for digestion before breaking into “Funeral Lust.” This song closes the ride with higher licks played in a repetitive manner meant to hook those who love technicality. The wall of drum-blasts behind the elongated shriek before the end is one of the most intense moments, and just like that, your ride comes to a complete stop. Truly, multiple listens in a row are needed to get all of this, and despite its short length, there’s plenty to gain.

Originally written for Indy Metal Vault