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Many years later - still killer! - 95%

Werewolf, December 18th, 2009

Damn, what a killer release! For those who haven’t heard about AA before – this is a Chilean band that was formed back in ’85 and split up in the early 90’s, leaving a legacy of only a couple of demos, but some of the best ever to be recorded in South America! Through the 50 minutes this compilation lasts you hear an intense Thrash/Death storm with a dark vibe and raw but definitely decent sound, perfectly fitting the Lovecraftinspired lyrics and feeling they had back then. Sorry, actually they STILL HAVE, since after the 2 killer demos Bloody ceremonial ('89) and Resurrection ('91) come 3 songs that were recorded in 2007 and I wouldn’t guess it was recorded recently, since it sounds as aggressive as the old stuff!

Great riffs, killer bestial vocals a la’ early Sepultura and overall great songwriting that doesn’t let the listener get bored – that’s what they used to be and still are about. If you aren’t afraid of Sudamerican sonic violence – buy it immediately! The only weak thing in this release in my opinion is the lame computerized artwork, but you can just enjoy reading the lyrics while the riffs blast instead of looking at it all the time.