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Not bad at all! - 75%

xtheblademaster, July 12th, 2007

When I listen to Atmosphere, I hear crushing groove/thrash that, yes, doesn't have much technicality. Rather than technical, high speed thrash, I hear brutal, raw, heavy, thrash metal that definitely makes me want to start moshing. The guitars are perfectly tuned for the style of heavy groove/thrash they're playing. It may not be extremely fast, but it makes up for it with it's heaviness. And for being such an obscure metal band, the production on this demo is amazing.

Actually, pretty much none of the songs on here have any "thrashy" parts, other than Ki Sinh. I must admit, the vocals are weak. The vocalist tries to hard to do screams and raspy whisper vocals rather than heavy vocals which I think would fit better.

In my opinion, this is a demo worthy of checking out. If you don't like it, you don't like it. For fans of beatdown hardcore and mid-speed thrash/crossover.

BALLS!!! PENIS!!! - 10%

caspian, July 12th, 2007

Imagine Hellhammer with no songwriting skills and passion, and sounding even sloppier. Or pick a really bad, generic thrash band and slow it down. Alternatively, imagine forcing a retard to write a thrash album with his sole references being one machine head song, and perhaps 'The Unnamed Feeling' off St Anger. It wouldn't be too good, would it? Could you imagine just how uninspired and painful something like that would sound?

Then please spare a thought for me, your humble reviewer. I had to sit through a whole album of this stuff, and it's just as bad as you can imagine.

I don't like ripping on an unknown, obscure band, but seriously, this stuff is terrible. We'll start with Tung Ngay, a fairly loathsome power ballad. Whether it's the slightly out of tune clean guitars, the terrible transition to the heavy part of the song, or the incredibly annoying vocals, there's nothing here for anyone, really. Perhaps then we'll go to Dao Toi, a excruciatingly slow tune (this is coming from someone who likes their drone doom), possibly the contender for the most boring song ever- riffless, and crawling along at a painfully slow tempo. In fact, none of the songs here are very fast- probably not because of choice, most likely because of a lack of technical prowess. I don't mind the occasional mistake here or there, but the consistently bad drumming really gets on your nerves, and there's some truly awful out of key guitar licks in Tieng Goi.

The main thing that annoys me with this band is definitely the tempo, though. The way the riffs sound tell me that these guys really want to sound thrashy, and that's not a terrible thing in itself- but they never get above mid tempo. Perhaps these kind of tunes would inspire a crushing mosh pit or something.. But the lack of any sort of variation in said tempo gets annoying quick. The vocals annoy me to no end too. When he's not yelling in an annoyingly screechy voice, he's trying to rip Hetfield, or any other thrash singer you care to name. He's missing something though- talent. His voice is really freaking annoying! And don't get me started on the terrible production....

Luckily for all of you guys, however, this band is extremely obscure, so it's unlikely you'll read anything about this band past this review. Terrible, monotonous thrash that I don't need, and you definitely don't need it either. People curious about Vietnamese metal will be much better off checking out End of Road.