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True Epic Doom - 90%

nightzblood, March 28th, 2008

Let's get right to the point- this is an incredible release of true, epic doom metal. While names such as Manilla Road and Brocas Helm are mentioned as influences, by far the best musical comparison is Solstice (UK), particularly the immortal 'New Dark Age' album. Crystal-clear vocals recount the prophecies of old, with lyrical inspiration coming from classic fantasy such as Tolkein's Noldor and Lovecraft's Yithian race. However, this isn't just more generic fantasy Metal like so many acts currently in the power metal genre. Atlantean Kodex carefully craft their songs to be truly epic tales, not just souless tunes pitting Hero A against Dragon B in Enchanted Land C using Magic Sword D. The music moves at a slow to midpaced tempo, never dragging and giving the song time to develop into towering, monumental pieces. There are three full songs and a short, accoustic number ('The White Ships') that will leave fans of this style beging for a full-length album. Fans of classic doom bands such as Marcolin-era Candlemass, early Solitude Aeturnus and Solstice should eat this up. There's nothing else to say except check this one out before it sinks back beneath the waves to await the return of the Old Ones.