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True anti-poser metal at it's finest - 100%

HeavyMetalSteve, April 14th, 2011

Atlantean Kodex plays traditional metal with hints of doom and epic metal very much comparable to While Heaven Wept. This is their first full length following an excellent ep. Before I continue, let me say as my title states this is true metal at its finest and not for posers or fans of modern metal. If you're a fan of modern metal with triggered drums, technical guitar leads, pitch-shifted vocals, and high production values, ignore this and continue listening to Origin and Dimmu.The songs on this album are epic; six of the nine songs last more than five minutes. All of the songs are full of great melodic, driving riffs that owe as much to Nordland era Bathory and Solstice as they do to Iron Maiden and While Heaven Wept. The main riffs in the songs are the usual driving power chords but played in a way that makes them feel much more epic rather than generic and rehashed. There are some great melodic lead breaks and fills in the songs so the riffs never feel like they are repeating for too long.The songs are structured very well, every part of the songs fit together seamlessly. No riff, fill, lead, beat or vocal line feels out of place and all these parts flow smoothly into one another. The band plays mostly slow to mid paced tempos and uses tempo changes in a very natural way. The band displays great skill in songwriting and song structure.The vocals are great, though at first they may seem a bit restrained but after some time it is evident that the singer does possess a good range and control over his voice, never going too high but altering his pitch just right so it fits the music.The production is very benefiting to the music, the guitar tone, vocals and effects create an atmosphere that feels like it washes over you and transports you to a distant long passed time and long forgotten place that may never have existed, like the image depicted on the album cover.As stated before this is not for fans of modern metal as nothing about this album and Atlantean Kodex is modern. Atlantean Kodex bring nothing really new or original to the table but they are obviously not interested in being original. Despite that nothing here sounds rehashed because everything is executed so perfectly. Fans of NWOBHM, epic doom metal, traditional metal and power metal should check this out.