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Raw technical death/thrash - 96%

Cronos12390, December 24th, 2007

This is Atheist's first (and only, apparently) demo after the name change to Atheist from R.A.V.A.G.E (Raging Atheists Vowing A Gory End. Quaint little acronym). The three songs here that made it onto the original pressing of Piece of Time (Beyond, No Truth, and On The Slay) are essentially the same as they were on the album, only with rawer production. Choose Your Death isn't too far off from Atheist's sound, though Brain Damage is a lot more like a thrash song, bringing to mind Kreator.

The production here is very raw, as mentioned before. I'm more than certain this was done with the poorer recording gear available at the time and they played these songs in a garage of some type. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, you can feel the energy every player puts into their performance, and the bass and leads are easily discernable. In No Truth, Kelly's voice resembles the mentally-disturbed vocalist of Hellwitch more than himself for a greater portion of the song.

Is this worth hunting down to purchase? If you're a rabid fan that just won't settle for the bonus tracks on the re-issue of Piece of Time, sure. Otherwise, I'd just get Relapse's reissue, as you also get a masterpiece of progressive metal music