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Obvious Cash Grab - 10%

The Crazy Old School Music Fan, November 10th, 2017

I am quite fond of Atheist, as most death metal fans are. Their music is some of the highest quality in death metal and is extremely complex overall, not to mention that Unquestionable Presence is unquestionably a classic of the genre, as is it's predecessor, Piece of Time. So, I never thought I would give a release by Atheist, with so many classic tracks on it, such a low score. In fact, it kind of pains me to do so.

On the other hand, however, this release is obviously just a cash grab. The only way this is good is because it could be a worthy introduction to the band for people who just discovered the band, but it really won't mean much to any of the seasoned fans of the band, as this just has what they (more than likely) already have in their collection. This consists of 5 tracks from Piece of Time (out of 9), 7 from Unquestionable Presence (out of 8), 4 from Elements (out of 12), and 5 from Jupiter (out of 8). It also has a live track that I believe was already released. The band could've just as easily put rare cuts, previously unreleased tracks, or demo tracks on this release, which would've boosted the value of such a compilation considerably. However, it seems that the band just elected to try to make more money by making such a compilation.

Needless to say, not much needs to be said about the instrumentation here, as this is mainly classic Atheist (except for Jupiter, which I have not listened to all the way through). Most people worth their salt know what to expect with the music here; cutting edge, complex and jazzy riffs with unusual time signatures.

In spite of the faults that this release has, it does have a great tracklist, which is why I gave it a 10%. However, I recommend skipping this and getting any of the first three Atheist albums instead. I mean, you basically have the entirety of Unquestionable Presence here already! They might as well have just made this a 2 disk compilation with all of the albums on it, at that point. But I digress. Stick to the albums themselves and avoid this.