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Atala > Shaman's Path of the Serpent > Reviews
Atala - Shaman's Path of the Serpent

Awesome follow-up! - 100%

Akerthorpe, June 4th, 2016

The mighty Atala have returned with their new album entitled “Shaman’s Path of the Serpent”, and just like a serpent, this release will sneak up and bite you injecting its awesomeness deep into your nerves and veins. A definite slab of superb musicianship and a fantastic follow-up to their self-titled album from 2014. Kyle Stratton and the boys do not let up here as the vibes and feelings invoked from their debut continue here only this time they are magnified times 10! These guys definitely have a winner here.

The riffs are all nice and “fuzzy” with an ever so slight “grinding” type feel to them. They are very much like what you would hear from the likes of Ocean Chief, Kongh, and other bands of the like but here they are played with a certain “ethereal progressiveness” that sets them above anyone else playing this type of music today. The passion in the construction of these riffs is so evident that it is over the top. From the design to he final product, the riffs are designed to pull you in and be your guide to wherever your thoughts decide to take you. The drums here are the same way. Thick sounding and well produced, the drums, without a doubt, are a part of the never ending thunder in the massive storm of awesomeness that is “Shaman’s Path of the Serpent”. More on the doom and stoner side of the spectrum, the style of playing here lays the perfect foundation for every other element of the music to fall into place. Just like the riffs, the drums have their own power to lull you in while this album “happens” all around you. Slow to mid-paced rhythms are what you will find throughout these 4 tracks and that is as it should be. Also, as strange as it might seem, the bass seems to be the glue holding everything together. Atala is a band that believes in bringing the bass to the forefront in the sense of having it be an equal element in every aspect such as sound and presentation. You have the Drums laid as the foundations and the guitars wrapped around that with the bass in the middle holding everything together. The awesomeness of these 3 separate “entities” that are the drums, guitars, and bass come together to unite with one focal point of sheer dominance of the sludge/stoner genre. With this release it has been solidified in my mind that these 3 guys are, indeed, the “trinity” of these genres. I say that, not to be religious but to simply state that these guys are gods!

If you love sludge or stoner metal, then you owe it to yourself to check this band out. This release is highly recommended to not only fans of these genres, but any metal head in general. I foresee these guys having a very long career and doing great things with their chosen form of art. This is a band who has an extreme amount of respect and passion for not only metal, but music in general. This respect and passion is not only individual but collective. That probably goes without saying, but when you put this album in and crank up the volume, you will understand everything!