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An Absolute Phenomenal Debut! - 100%

Akerthorpe, April 25th, 2016

Atala definitely have a classic on their hands with their debut release. Described as a "progressive sludge/stoner metal" band really only scratches the surface as to what this band has to offer. This is about as good as it can get for an independent release. These 3 guys have envisioned exactly what they want out of their music, have gotten together, exchanged ideas, worked hard, and the end result is 8 tracks of absolute and unadulterated ethereally psychedelic progressive stoner metal. I have heard a lot of bands like this before, but there is something about Atala and the way they lay it all on the line with their music.

As far as the riffs go, things are pretty standard in the realms of how they are described as a band. However, this is only the blueprint. You can definitely hear vibes of traditional southern rock combined with stoner type influences ranging from the likes of Colour Haze, a less "fuzzy" Ocean Chief, as well as a few elements from the band Yob. If you listen closely you can also pick up on the Pagan Altar vibes. It's like they take the heaviest of the heavy and totally strip it down to the bear essentials and then build it back up with a melody like you have never heard, and this is just in the riffs! The drums of Jeff Tedtaotao have a lot of classic elements and there is nothing all that extravagant in the style, but the melody carries over from the riffs with some of the best soft style of drumming I have heard in recent years. These 2 elements alone combine to make some of the best daze inducing vibes on the west coast, but when you add in the pulsing bass lines of John Chavarria and then the vocals of guitarist Kyle Stratton, the only thing you can do is just submit everything to the sludgy stonerific awesomeness that this album is. I have listened to this album several times now, and it just keeps getting better every time. Each element of this debut entwines with the next in such an infectious way that you just can't help but sit up and take notice of what this band is doing. While this release does contain the blueprint of what has already been done before, these 3 guys build upon that and take it one step further by adding their own touches where deemed necessary leaving you with no doubt that they are indeed doing something different with this genre. This album is so good that from the stoner aspects and what the basis of that genre represents, you definitely don't need to smoke with this one. The music is such a high quality and so far on another plane that just a few listens can get you stoned out!

I consider it such an honor that I got to review this debut. This album represents the passion within the respective genres on a level that I have not heard before. The talent just doesn't stop at their ability to play good quality metal, but also in the fact that they want to do something different and make their mark in the underground, by taking, not only this genre, but music itself to another level. These guys deserve all the respect they can get for the hard work put into this release. They really knocked it out of the park here. I enjoyed absolutely every note of this CD as it was absolutely perfect from beginning to end!