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Blackened death like you've never heard.......... - 100%

Spider_X, March 19th, 2017
Written based on this version: 2017, CD, Metal Rising Records

So, as I'm on my 10th listen of this album and about to head into my 11th, now's the time to write this review. I've been around here (on this site) since 2006, and as many bands as I love, and as many albums as I love, I have never been compelled so much as to write a review for any album, until now.

This album is absolutely unlike anything I have ever heard before! Sure, blackened death is nothing new. But, the way that these guys do it, sure the hell is! First, I want to talk about the atmosphere that's solidly present throughout the whole album. Psalms of Paralysis gives off that cold chill that is felt when listening to quite a few atmospheric black metal bands. Death metal just doesn't do that, period. But these guys have this 'magic' about them where they know how to do it, and do it absolutely perfectly! To be able to intertwine the elements of deep death metal growl then jump to black metal vocal style.. the ranges of the vocals and how it just works so damn well; and then brilliant melodic guitar work is solid as hell. And, the drums are quite heavily forceful; you certainly can feel the blasting force! I mean, even looking at the album cover artwork, you almost know what you're about to listen to.. a blend of something real special.

The album itself starts off extremely heavy on "Apprehensia", entering into death vocals, but ends all black metal! Enters in the second track "Spectral Incantation", starts off black metal vocals.. Honestly, extreme talent to do this and make it work. All the songs are very memorable! I keep on wanting to hear them over and over again. I must mention the last 2 songs off the album, "Syringic Pathology" and "Neuroslave"; I get the strong sensation of a cold blast of symphonic black metal on these two tracks, and not just because of the vocals!

This album really stirs the emotions if you really thrive off of both black and death metal, these guys give you both at the same time. I cannot recommend this album highly enough! This is a worthwhile album you will want to listen to over and over again; really it is just that good! Melodically brutal from beginning to end. One hell of a brilliant masterpiece! This album is extremely addicting, and is undoubtedly a must have album!